Flood Prevention

Don't let your auxiliary drain end up costing you thousands in flood damage.

The AGF COLLECTanDRAIN Flood Eliminator, Model 5900, is an essential tool for preventing costly water damage caused by broken auxiliary drains on a dry or pre-action fire sprinkler system. The device is designed to minimize the amount of water released into a facility by detecting false system trips and restricting the flow from the broken low-point drain.

The Flood Eliminator is easy to install in a vertical section of pipe before your auxiliary drain or drum drip. In the event that the drain freezes or is accidentally broken, a rush of pressurized water flows to the drain. The sudden impact of the water triggers the Flood Eliminator to close, limiting the flow of water from gallons to just 8 ounces per minute. This significantly reduces the amount of water that spills into the facility.

Once the system is depressurized, the Flood Eliminator will automatically reset and drain as normal. The device can be retrofitted on any existing auxiliary drain or come pre-assembled on AGF’s COLLECTanDRAIN preassembled drum drips.

Don't let a broken auxiliary drain cause expensive water damage to your facility. Invest in the AGF COLLECTanDRAIN Flood Eliminator, Model 5900, and ensure the protection of your facility and the safety of your building occupants.

We have solutions for every

desired level of protection.

  1. Limit the Damage

  2. Lower the Risk

  3. Eliminate the Problem

Limit the Damage

Limit the damage of a broken auxiliary drain with the Model 5900FE Flood Eliminator. The device, installed above an auxiliary drain, detects if it breaks and closes to prevent flooding. The fire sprinkler system will still need repair, but water damage to your facility will be limited.

Model 5900FE

  • Detects water from a broken drum drip and closes to stop flooding
  • Order pre-assembled on COLLECTanDRAIN auxiliary drains
  • Retrofit to existing auxiliary drains
  • Resets after use to prevent future flooding


Lower the Risk

Lower the risk of a broken drum drip by making it easier to tell when it needs to be drained. COLLECTanDRAIN Model 5100ALBV is a water detector alarm that notifies maintenance staff when an auxiliary drain needs service. This still requires prompt and proper maintenance to prevent a frozen drain, but it simplifies knowing which drains need emptying.

Model 5100ALBV

  • Water detector alarm sounds a visual and audible alert when drain needs service
  • Helps prevent frozen auxiliary drains with proper maintenance
  • Can be wired to a Fire Control Panel or Building Management System
  • Retrofit on existing auxiliary drains or buy pre-assembled to COLLECTanDRAIN auxiliary drains


Eliminate the Problem

Why not solve the problem at the source and protect the auxiliary drain from freezing at all? AGF's COLLECTanDRAIN automatic heated auxiliary drains are in a heated cabinet, which allows the drain to collect condensation while keeping it safely above freezing. Self-maintaining and fully automatic models also drain themselves to add an extra layer of protection and minimal maintenance.

Model 5450

  • Locked cabinet to protect against vandalism
  • Heated cabinet to protect from freezing
  • Self-maintaining--sheds off excess condensation to prevent overflow

Model 5500

  • Locked cabinet to protect against vandalism
  • Heated cabinet to protect from freezing
  • Fully or semi-automatic draining