Testing and Maintenance

Fire sprinkler systems only save lives if they're in proper working order when a fire starts. NFPA 25 
establishes a schedule of Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) to ensure systems remain ready to function from the moment of installation.

AGF's products improve ITM efficiency, reducing the time, labor, and resources required to maintain fire protection systems.


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How AGF's Products Help ITM

in a Post-Pandemic World

Efficient ITM means safer fire sprinkler systems.

Perform Hydrostatic Testing Without Removing the Pressure Relief Valve from the System

Model 7000L and 7200L are designed to temporarily lock closed so you can perform hydrostatic testing without removing them from the system. Simply push down the "HYDRO" tab and insert a standard flow switch cover hex wrench into the opening to lock the valve closed. When testing is complete, remove the hex wrench to allow for normal operation. Model 7000L is available standalone or as part of any product including pressure relief.

Model 7000L Locked Closed for Hydrostatic Testing

Model 1011 with Model 7000L Pressure Relief Valve Installed

Model 8011 Commercial Riser with Model 7000L Installed

Remote Testing with RemoteTEST

Traditional testing in large facilities can wrack up huge time and labor expense. Maintenance personnel must visit each floor of a building to perform the testing--plus, test and drain valves may be located in hard-to-access areas. Especially in the time of COVID, the ability to remotely perform these processes can save time, labor expense, and the number of personnel entering a building. RemoteTEST features one of our original TESTanDRAIN valves with a solenoid that can connect to a remote panel for operation. That means large facilities with multiple buildings can test each system from one remote location.

Model 1200 RemoteTEST

Model 1200 RemoteTEST

Record Pressure Spikes with SmartGAUGE

SmartGAUGE Model 7550 is a pressure gauge with a drag needle to record pressure spikes in fire protection systems. Install it on a wet system temporarily or permanently to record pressure spikes or verify pressure relief valve ratings. It's a valuable addition to Hydrostatic Test Assemblies because of the ability to record the highest pressure during system testing.

Model 7550 SmartGAUGE

Model 7550 SmartGAUGE with Drag Needle

Easier Auxiliary Drain Maintenance with COLLECTanDRAIN

What if your auxiliary drains could tell you when they needed service? AGF's COLLECTanDRAIN line includes multiple options that can send notifications to the fire control panel or building management system when a unit needs service. Plus, we offer additional features like heated and automatic drains to protect against freezing.

Model 5100ALBV Water Detector Alarm

Model 5300ALBV Auxiliary Drain with Water Detector Alarm


Model 5500 Automatic Auxiliary Drain in Heated Cabinet

Model 5500 Automatic Auxiliary Drain in Heated Cabinet

Conserve Test Water with TESTanSAVE

Regular system testing involves draining water out of the system, wasting hundreds of gallons as they are drained outside the building. TESTanSAVE is a water containment system that recirculates test water back through the supply riser, eliminating the need to waste or introduce new water into the sprinkler system during testing.

TESTanSAVE Water Recirculation System

TESTanSAVE Water Recirculation System