Freeze Protection

NFPA requires Dry and Pre-Action fire sprinkler systems to have auxiliary drains, also known as low-point drains or drum
drips, to collect the condensation that naturally forms.

The drains need periodic emptying or collected water can freeze and break the drain, activate the system, and cause water to spill into a facility. A broken drain can be an inconvenience or a catastrophe, so proper freeze protection is vital to keep systems operating correctly and buildings in good condition.

Broken auxiliary drains...

• Cause the fire sprinkler system to trip the dry valve and activate the flow of water

• Have potential for facility damage from water leaking from the broken drum drip

• Cause inconvenience to occupants and potential slip hazards 

• Require repair and maintenance costs for the facility and the sprinkler system

The Cost of

False System Trips

from Frozen Drum Drips


  • Fire protection system service & repair
  • Water damage mitigation
  • Lost revenue for building occupants
  • Potential fines from local government
  • Strain on fire department resources
  • Unnecessary danger & liability

Proper freeze protection saves time, money, and hassle.


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Stop the Flood with Flood Eliminator

Some facilities may prefer to rely on proper maintenance to prevent frozen drum drips. The COLLECTanDRAIN Model 5900FE Flood Eliminator is an economic and simple option for those facilities to avoid catastrophic flood damage while relying on maintenance alone for freeze protection. Should a drain freeze and break, the Flood Eliminator will sense the sudden pressurized flow of water and restrict to eliminate the flooding that would have occurred. It does not interfere with normal auxiliary drain function and resets itself when the system is reset.

Model 5900FE Flood Eliminator

Model 5900FE Installed at Inlet of Auxiliary Drain

The Flood Eliminator can be retrofitted below the auxiliary drain's top valve while that system is active.

Water Detector Alarms Simplify Maintenance

Stop guessing when and what auxiliary drain needs maintenance. By detecting even the slightest amount of water in the collection assembly, the COLLECTanDRAIN Model 5100ALBV water detector alarm alerts you when maintenance is needed. It provides a visual and audible alarm and can even be wired for remote notification to a Fire Control Panel or Building Management System. It's available as a standalone product that can be added to existing auxiliary drains or included on our pre-assembled auxiliary drains.


Model 5100ALBV Water Detector Alarm

Model 5300ALBV Auxiliary Drain with Water Detector

Model 5300ALBV Auxiliary Drain with Water Detector

Model 5100 Auxiliary Drain with Anti-Trip Plate and Water Detector

Model 5100 Auxiliary Drain with Anti-Trip Plate and Water Detector

Heated Cabinets for the Ultimate Protection

AGF's COLLECTanDRAIN line of heated cabinets are designed to protect the most problematic auxiliary drains by encasing them in a temperature-controlled environment. The energy-efficient heater includes a thermostat, so it will only turn on when needed. The drain can safely accumulate condensation without freezing and notifies maintenance staff (locally and/or remotely) when it needs attention. Model 5400 is the original, while Model 5450 and 5500 provide self-maintaining and automatic draining functions.

Model 5400 Heated Auxiliary Drain Cabinet

Model 5400A Heated Auxiliary Drain Cabinet

Model 5450 Self-Maintaining Auxiliary Drain Cabinet

Model 5450A Self-Maintaining Auxiliary Drain Cabinet

Model 5500A Automatic Auxiliary Drain

Model 5500A Automatic Auxiliary Drain Cabinet

For questions about how COLLECTanDRAIN can help your freeze protection, contact us to speak to a member of our technical staff.

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