Model 7000L Lockable Pressure Relief Valve Now Available in 200 PSI

Model 7000L Lockable Pressure Relief Valve
AGF’s new Model 7000L lockable pressure relief valve is now available in 200 PSI as well as the original 175, 225, and 300 PSI. Temporarily lock the 200 PSI pressure relief valve closed to allow for hydrostatic testing without removing the valve from the system. This saves significant installation time by eliminating the need for a return trip to install the relief valve after hydrostatic testing. Order Model 7000L standalone or on your favorite TESTanDRAIN, RiserPACK, or pressure relief kit. For a limited time, AGF is upgrading all riser orders with pressure relief to the Model 7000L for free!
Model 7000L has a ½” MIPT inlet and FIPT outlet, a bronze body, and a stainless-steel spring. It includes a metal “hydro” tab that can be temporarily locked with a standard flow switch hex wrench for hydrostatic testing. When testing is complete, remove the hex wrench to allow for standard operation.
The Model 7200L has a ¾” MIPT inlet and FIPT outlet and is available in 175 PSI.
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Free Pressure Relief Valve Upgrades

sprinkler riserAGF is giving a free upgrade to our sprinkler risers! For a limited time, all risers ordered with a pressure relief valve will be upgraded to our new 7000L PRV.

The new pressure relief valves were specifically designed for the sprinkler industry and come installed on the riser. They can be locked closed and left in place during hydrostatic testing. Installing contractors will discover that this feature will save significant time and water during installation. AGF is excited to share this benefit with our customers to help you gain efficiencies in the field. Contact an AGF Distributor to place an order for a RiserPACK and take advantage of this promotion.

AGF Introduces New-and-Improved Universal 3-Way Gauge Valve

AGF Manufacturing has introduced a new-and-improved Universal 3-Way Gauge Valve. AGF’s Model 7600 Universal 3-Way Valve is heavier duty than most gauge valves on the market, has a 300 PSI Rating, and is UL listed. The repositioned and redesigned handle increases flexibility and accessibility on preassembled manifold risers. The Model 7600 is a component on RiserPACK Manifolds and select TESTanDRAIN models. It’s also available as a stand-alone product.

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AGF Participates in the 2019 Eagles Autism Challenge

The Eagles Autism Challenge started in 2018 when Philadelphia Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie, who’s experienced autism in his own family, wanted to use the power of the Eagles’ brand to provide awareness and critical resources to autism research. The event took place on May 18th this year with a fundraiser leading up to a bike ride (15 miles, 30 miles, or 50 miles), 5K run/walk, sensory walk, and virtual participation.

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