AGF Announces New PURGEnVENT Model 7930ECA

Endcap Automatic Air Venting Valve for Fire Sprinkler System Installs Quickly and Continually Eliminates Air to Reduce Corrosion

AGF Manufacturing, a designer and manufacturer of specialized fire sprinkler components, announces their newest addition to the PURGEnVENT product line, the Model 7930ECA endcap automatic air venting valve assembly.

Field research and user feedback have shown that contractors require an easily installed compact design while engineers prefer reliable products that are guaranteed to be installed correctly. The Model 7930ECA was developed to solve all these concerns.

The endcap unit comes preassembled, is easily coupled to the end of the line near a high point with a standard grooved coupling and only requires 5” of clearance above the pipe. The 7930ECA is available in endcap sizes ranging from 1-1/2 inches to 8 inches and does not require a drip pan or drain line.

The 7930ECA incorporates AGF’s UL Listed and FM Approved 7900V automatic air release valve with its unique patented conical design that prevents water discharge and eliminates the need for redundancy.  Key features of the 7930ECA include an integrated isolation valve, barrel strainer, and purge valve with cap and garden hose thread eliminating extra connections and potential leak points. The purge valve provides easy access and strainer flushing capabilities to simplify service in the field, reduces labor time, fulfills NFPA 25 requirements, and is also approved by the California State Fire Marshal.

Additionally, the extra purge valve allows for venting large amounts of air from the system to expedite filling. It can also be opened to act as a vacuum break when draining a system to help protect grooved couplings and speed up the draining process and reducing labor costs.

To help reduce pipe corrosion, NFPA 13, 2016 edition added a requirement that all wet sprinkler systems include an air vent. Regardless of a jurisdiction’s code requirement, facility managers and engineers are learning the benefits of air vents and are requiring them on their projects. AGF’s PURGEnVENT 7930ECA is a simple solution to meet code, with the benefits of a reliable automatic vent that eliminates air in a fire sprinkler system to reduce pipe corrosion, expedite service and extend the life of a system. Find a distributor in your area.