AGF Participates in the 2019 Eagles Autism Challenge

The Eagles Autism Challenge started in 2018 when Philadelphia Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie, who’s experienced autism in his own family, wanted to use the power of the Eagles’ brand to provide awareness and critical resources to autism research. The event took place on May 18th this year with a fundraiser leading up to a bike ride (15 miles, 30 miles, or 50 miles), 5K run/walk, sensory walk, and virtual participation.

AGF riding bikes at the Eagles Autism ChallengeSince AGF was established in the Philadelphia area over 30 years ago, we dedicate ourselves to getting involved and giving back to our community. We created a team to participate in the challenge both in 2018 and 2019. Our team this year consisted of 21 people, a mixture of our staff, friends, and family, who rode along with the other participants on the 15-mile bike ride. After riding in the rain last year, we were lucky enough to get a sunny day for this year’s event. We raised $11,450.00 for the cause and utilized our social media accounts to spread awareness leading up to the event.

The event as a whole in 2019 had 3,645 participants and raised a total of $3,512,010. Combined with the funds raised in 2018, the Eagles Autism Challenge has raised a total of $6,063,233, donated to the autism research efforts at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Drexel University, and Jefferson Health.

To learn more about the Eagles Autism Challenge, visit Thank you to everyone that supported our team’s involvement in the challenge!