AGF Introduces Lockable Pressure Relief Valves to Expedite Hydrostatic Testing

MALVERN, PA, August 5th, 2021 —AGF Manufacturing is excited to introduce two new lockable pressure relief valves, Model 7000L and Model 7200L specifically designed for the fire sprinkler industry. These models can be temporarily locked closed to allow for hydrostatic testing without removing the pressure relief valve from the system, saving significant time during installation. They can be ordered standalone or as part of AGF’s products that include pressure relief.

The new pressure relief valves include two metal tabs: “flush” and “hydro.” The “flush” tab can be lifted to quickly flush debris from the valve or, using a standard flow switch hex wrench, temporarily lock the valve open to allow draining through the relief valve. The “hydro” tab can use the same hex wrench to temporarily lock the valve closed for hydrostatic testing with the valve installed in the system. This feature will allow a sprinkler system or a TESTANDRAIN valve with relief valve and drain trim to be completely installed prior to initial system leak testing, greatly speeding up installation. AGF’s Model 7000L has a ½” MIPT inlet and FIPT outlet. Model 7200L has a ¾” MIPT inlet and FIPT outlet. Both are made with a bronze body and stainless-steel spring and are available with “ratings” of 175, 225, or 300 PSI.

AGF’s Model 7000L and Model 7200L can be ordered standalone, as part of select AGF TESTANDRAIN or RISERPACK assemblies, or part of their pressure relief kits. To learn more or find a distributor that serves your area, Click Here.

About AGF Manufacturing Inc.

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AGF revolutionized the fire sprinkler industry with the invention of the Model 1000 TESTANDRAIN® single valve inspector’s test, which eliminated the time and space-consuming traditional loop assembly. Since then, AGF has introduced several unique products that accommodate the varying demands of the fire protection industry and help manage fire safety systems more efficiently, resulting in more reliable systems that save resources.

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