PRODUCT NOTICE – 7000 Pressure Relief Valve

We are excited to announce that we are in the final phase of transitioning our trusted Model 7000 Pressure Relief Valve to its upgraded counterpart, the 7000L Pressure Relief Valve. This evolution represents our commitment to continuously improving our products to better meet the sprinkler industry’s needs.7000 Pressure Relief Valve

At this time, we no longer have inventory of 165, 185, 195, 205, 225, or 250 psi rated Model 7000 valves. We have a very limited supply of 175 psi rated Model 7000 valves (AGF Part #600). If you are interested in acquiring some of this remaining inventory, contact an AGF distributor as soon as possible, orders will be filled on a first-come basis while supplies remain available.

As of July 17, only the Model 7000L series (AGF Part #620-175, 620-200, 620-225, and 620-300) will be available for individual purchase. Model 1011A and 1011T valves will continue to be shipped with Model 7000 relief valves unless ordered explicitly with the 7000L until the inventory of 7000 relief valves is exhausted.

As you and your customers are likely aware, all AGF RISERPACK manifolds, that include a relief valve, have been shipped with the new 7000L since January 1st. Starting in July all remaining AGF products that utilize a pressure relief valve will start to be packaged with the new 7000L. It will be our goal to avoid mixing relief valve styles on your orders and we strongly suggest that you rotate your inventory to sell through your inventory with the Model 7000 relief valve first. We anticipate this changeover to be completed on or before August 1st.


Learn More About AGF’s 7000L Pressure Relief Valve

Superior Performance and Reliability:

The Model 7000L Pressure Relief Valve builds upon the legacy of its predecessor, offering enhanced features and capabilities that make it the ideal choice. We have considered your feedback and made significant improvements to ensure a seamless experience and improved performance.

New PSI Ratings

The 7000L is available in 175, 200, 225, and 300 PSI. We understand that transitioning from the Model 7000 to the 7000L Pressure Relief Valve may raise questions or concerns. Our dedicated technical support team is here to assist you.

Selecting the Correct PSI:

UL and FM standards for sprinkler system pressure relief valves require relief valves to operate within a range of their ratings. FM requires a relief valve to OPEN at a pressure no less than 85% of their rating and UL requires OPENING at a pressure no greater than 105% of their rating. Both standards require the relief valves to CLOSE within a percentage below OPEN.

Choose the relief valve by comparing static pressure to 90% of the relief valve’s rating to determine the estimated minimum OPENING and 80% of the relief valve’s rating for the approximate maximum CLOSING. The relief valve should be installed where it is easily accessible for maintenance. Care should be taken that the relief valve CANNOT be isolated from the system when the system is operational. A relief valve should NEVER have a shutoff valve or a plug downstream of its outlet.