AGF Introduces New-and-Improved Universal 3-Way Gauge Valve

AGF Manufacturing has introduced a new-and-improved Universal 3-Way Gauge Valve. AGF’s Model 7600 Universal 3-Way Valve is heavier duty than most gauge valves on the market, has a 300 PSI Rating, and is UL listed. The repositioned and redesigned handle increases flexibility and accessibility on preassembled manifold risers. The Model 7600 is a component on RiserPACK Manifolds and select TESTanDRAIN models. It’s also available as a stand-alone product.

When pre-assembled to floor control assemblies, most 3-way valve handle positions are oriented for access from one side of the manifold. Depending on how the contractor installs the manifold, the valve handle could end up on the backside of the unit, making it difficult to access. The handwheel of the new Model 7600 is accessible from either side. The handwheel was also re-designed with a new, mushroomed shape to create an easier grip.
The new Universal Model 7600 3-way gauge valve is a component on select versions of TESTanDRAIN valves and all AGF NFPA 13 and NFPA 13R RiserPACK Manifolds. It’s also available with the AGF Model 7500 Pressure Gauge or by itself (Item ID #660UA).

To order or get pricing, please contact a distributor that serves your area.