Automatic Auxiliary Drain from AGF

Model 5500 automatic auxiliary drainAGF Manufacturing is excited to introduce their COLLECTanDRAIN Model 5500 Automatic Auxiliary Drain. The Model 5500 includes all the benefits of theĀ Model 5400 auxiliary drain in a heated cabinet, with the added capability of full automation. Set it to fully automatic mode or empty it remotely with the push of a button.

The COLLECTanDRAIN line includes a series of auxiliary drains with integrated NFPA 25 signage as well as accessories designed to solve the problem of false system trips caused by broken or misused low point drains.

Like the 5400, the new Model 5500 is an auxiliary drain in a heated and insulated cabinet. The cabinet prevents the drain, even when filled with condensation, from freezing and breaking while minimizing power consumption, protects against vandalism, and provides the code required NFPA 25 integrated signage. The Model 5500 adds a brand-new featureā€”automation. A programmable logic control (PLC) allows for fully automatic emptying of the auxiliary drain. Set the Model 5500 to automatically empty when the drain is full or wait for the unit to send an alert to the Fire Control Panel or Building Automation System and empty it with the push of an on-site or remote button.

To order the Model 5500 or get pricing, find a distributor that serves your area.