Self-Maintaining Auxiliary Drain from AGF

AGF's Model 5450 Self-Maintaining Auxiliary DrainAGF Manufacturing is excited to introduce their COLLECTanDRAIN Model 5450 Self-Maintaining Auxiliary Drain. The Model 5450 is the latest in their line of heated auxiliary drain cabinets and includes all the benefits of the original Model 5400. The new cabinet features the ability to self-maintain the drain level and allow for maintenance to be better regulated.

The COLLECTanDRAIN line includes a series of auxiliary drains in several configurations to meet and exceed NFPA 13 and 25 standards addressing drainage recommendations for dry and pre-action fire sprinkler systems. COLLECTanDRAIN heated cabinets are temperature controlled to prevent freezing and include integrated NFPA 25 signage on a lockable cabinet.

Model 5450 incorporates a unique new feature designed to prevent the auxiliary drain from filling beyond the safety level of the cabinet by automatically shedding condensation from the drum drip in small amounts. After a certain level of condensation has accumulated in the auxiliary drain, additional condensation will spill into a drain trap that is designed to allow it to drain from the system automatically without tripping the dry valve.

To get pricing or purchase a COLLECTanDRAIN Model 5450 self-maintaining auxiliary drain, contact one of our distributors.