Flood Preventer Device Wins Maintenance Innovation Award

AGF’s Model 5900 Flood Eliminator flood preventer device won a 2021 Maintenance Innovation Award from Facility Maintenance Decisions. The Flood Eliminator prevents flooding in facilities due to broken fire sprinkler auxiliary drains.

An Innovative and Excellent Product

This was the inaugural year for the Maintenance Innovations Awards. Facility Maintenance Decisions readers voted to honor innovative and excellent products.

To be eligible, products must “contribute to the efficient and profitable operations and management of institutional and commercial buildings in the United States”.

The Flood Eliminator won in the “Tools and Accessories” category.

Flood Preventer Innovation

Flood eliminator installed at the inlet of an auxiliary drain.AGF designed the Flood Eliminator as a simple solution to an expensive problem. Flooding from fire sprinkler broken auxiliary drains costs facilities thousands every year.

Auxiliary drains are a component of dry fire sprinkler systems that accumulate condensation. Freezing temperatures or improper use can break these drains. That activates the system and results in a pressurized flow of water flooding the facility with hundreds of gallons of water.

AGF’s previous innovations in their COLLECTanDRAIN line simplify maintenance to prevent drain breaks. The Flood Eliminator provides the ultimate, inexpensive safeguard.

How Does it Work?

If a drain breaks, the Flood Eliminator activates to restrict the flow. That stops the flood and limits the damage to a system repair. That can save a facility thousands of dollars each winter in water damage mitigation, inventory loss, and tenant disruption.

The Flood Eliminator does not interfere with normal system operation. Plus, it resets itself when the system is reset for continued use.

A Simple Accessory to Save Thousands

The Flood Eliminator can be installed on existing auxiliary drains, or be purchased pre-installed on AGF’s auxiliary drains. That means it’s a simple (and economical) implementation to save thousands of dollars every cold season. With the unpredictability of the weather in recent years, the Flood Eliminator can turn an unexpected cold snap from a disaster into an inconvenience.

To purchase a Flood Eliminator flood prevention device, find a distributor that serves your area.