Inspecting Your Fire Sprinkler Systems

A proactive approach to extend the life of your systems.

facility personnel inspecting systems

Among the requirements needed to keep commercial fire sprinklers working and code compliant are the routine inspections, which can seem complex. Most of the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (ITM) of sprinkler systems require a qualified life safety professional, but some of the work can be done by in-house facility personnel.

NFPA 25, the Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems is the primary standard for most facilities and this standard assign specific responsibilities to the property owner or their designated representative. The property owner is ultimately responsible for the integrity of the fire sprinkler system even if ITM is being provided by an outside contractor.

4.1.1 Responsibility for Inspection, Testing, Maintenance, and Impairment. – The property owner or designated representative shall be responsible for properly maintaining a water-based fire protection system.

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PRODUCT NOTICE – 7000 Pressure Relief Valve

We are excited to announce that we are in the final phase of transitioning our trusted Model 7000 Pressure Relief Valve to its upgraded counterpart, the 7000L Pressure Relief Valve. This evolution represents our commitment to continuously improving our products to better meet the sprinkler industry’s needs.7000 Pressure Relief Valve

At this time, we no longer have inventory of 165, 185, 195, 205, 225, or 250 psi rated Model 7000 valves. We have a very limited supply of 175 psi rated Model 7000 valves (AGF Part #600). If you are interested in acquiring some of this remaining inventory, contact an AGF distributor as soon as possible, orders will be filled on a first-come basis while supplies remain available.

As of July 17, only the Model 7000L series (AGF Part #620-175, 620-200, 620-225, and 620-300) will be available for individual purchase. Model 1011A and 1011T valves will continue to be shipped with Model 7000 relief valves unless ordered explicitly with the 7000L until the inventory of 7000 relief valves is exhausted.

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AGF Unveils the Updated 3011A InspectorsTEST™ Valve

Revolutionary Design Integrates Sight Glass and Relief Valve Drain into a Single Fitting Combining the Best of 3011A and 3011ASG, and the new 7000L Pressure Relief Valve

MALVERN, PA, 5/30/2023 — AGF Manufacturing, a leading global provider of fire protection solutions, is proud to introduce the updated 3011A InspectorsTest Valve, a revolutionary product that sets a new standard for efficiency and innovation in the fire protection industry. This cutting-edge design features an integrated sight glass and relief valve drain access port to combine the best features from the 3011A and 3011ASG valves, plus the new 7000L Pressure Relief Valve.

Inspector's Test Valve Updates

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The Risks of Adjustable Pressure Relief Valves

Choosing the correct relief valve needs preplanning

Pressure relief valves protect fire sprinkler system components by relieving excess system pressure from supply surges or temperature changes. Since the 2010 edition, NFPA 13: “Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems” has required pressure relief valves to be installed on all wet pipe fire sprinkler systems. But picking the correct relief valve for a specific system does need a little preplanning. Knowing the desired static pressure of the system and reviewing the UL and FM Standards regarding the required operational characteristic of relief valves used on sprinkler systems for guidance, one can deduce the best rating for a relief valve on any system.

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AGF Grows

AGF is pleased to announce that Julia Collins has joined the AGF as a Marketing Assistant. She will assist with the marketing efforts to help educate our distributors, engineers that specify our products, and contractors that install and maintain our products in the field.

Prepare your Low Point Drain for Winter

Preparing for Winter, Sprinkler System Maintenance

In freezing weather, dry and pre-action fire sprinkler systems have a major Achilles heel if improperly maintained—the auxiliary drains. Auxiliary drains, also referred to as low point drains or drum drips, are required on dry or pre-action fire sprinkler systems to collect condensation that forms in the pipes.

When improperly maintained, low point drains break and can cause major facility flooding. The cost to repair and reset the fire sprinkler system itself is negligible compared to the cost of water damage mitigation, potentially lost inventory, tenant interruption, increased liability, and increased insurance premiums.

Luckily, understanding attentive maintenance and other available solutions can help facilities prevent flooding caused by frozen low point drains.

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AGF Introduces Ultimate RISERPACK® Kits

Butterfly Control Valve and Check Valve Kits for Preassembled Floor Control

MALVERN, PA, June 1, 2022 — AGF Manufacturing is excited to introduce its new Ultimate RISERPACK Kits. These floor control add-on kits are available for AGF’s commercial steel RISERPACK models 8000, 8011, and 8611. Choose from three Ultimate Kit options. Add a gear-operated, slow-close, butterfly valve with tamper switch, check valve, or both butterfly valve and check valve. With the addition of an Ultimate Kit, the Ultimate RISERPACK is a complete floor control assembly that saves time and money on system installations.

AGF’s RISERPACKs are compact, fully assembled risers. Models 8000, 8011, and 8611 meet NFPA 13 requirements for wet pipe fire sprinkler systems. They feature a TESTanDRAIN Model 2500 or 2511A for system testing and draining. NFPA 13 standards require the addition of a pressure relief valve on all wet systems. All model 8011 and 8611 RISERPACKs include AGF’s Model 7000L pressure relief valve. The Model 7000L has a lock-out feature that facilitates hydrostatic testing without removing the relief valve from the system to help save valuable installation time.

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