Prepare your Low Point Drain for Winter

Preparing for Winter, Sprinkler System Maintenance

In freezing weather, dry and pre-action fire sprinkler systems have a major Achilles heel if improperly maintained—the auxiliary drains. Auxiliary drains, also referred to as low point drains or drum drips, are required on dry or pre-action fire sprinkler systems to collect condensation that forms in the pipes.

When improperly maintained, low point drains break and can cause major facility flooding. The cost to repair and reset the fire sprinkler system itself is negligible compared to the cost of water damage mitigation, potentially lost inventory, tenant interruption, increased liability, and increased insurance premiums.

Luckily, understanding attentive maintenance and other available solutions can help facilities prevent flooding caused by frozen low point drains.

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AGF Introduces Ultimate RISERPACK® Kits

Butterfly Control Valve and Check Valve Kits for Preassembled Floor Control

MALVERN, PA, June 1, 2022 — AGF Manufacturing is excited to introduce its new Ultimate RISERPACK Kits. These floor control add-on kits are available for AGF’s commercial steel RISERPACK models 8000, 8011, and 8611. Choose from three Ultimate Kit options. Add a gear-operated, slow-close, butterfly valve with tamper switch, check valve, or both butterfly valve and check valve. With the addition of an Ultimate Kit, the Ultimate RISERPACK is a complete floor control assembly that saves time and money on system installations.

Floor control kit for fire sprinklers

AGF’s RISERPACKs are compact, fully assembled risers. Models 8000, 8011, and 8611 meet NFPA 13 requirements for wet pipe fire sprinkler systems. They feature a TESTanDRAIN Model 2500 or 2511A for system testing and draining. NFPA 13 standards require the addition of a pressure relief valve on all wet systems. All model 8011 and 8611 RISERPACKs include AGF’s Model 7000L pressure relief valve. The Model 7000L has a lock-out feature that facilitates hydrostatic testing without removing the relief valve from the system to help save valuable installation time.

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Fire Sprinkler System Freeze Protection: How to Maintain Auxiliary Drains

Fire sprinkler system freeze prevention is vital for facility managers as temperatures drop. Compromised life safety, facility damage, and more plague facilities with poor maintenance plans.

Proper auxiliary drain maintenance is key to preventing freezing on dry sprinkler systems. Facilities can save thousands each winter with these key steps:

      1. Locate Auxiliary Drains
      2. Perform Preventative Maintenance
      3. Use Correct Service Frequency
      4. Simplify the Plan

So how do you maintain auxiliary drains, and what are they? Let’s dive in.

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Model 7000L Lockable Pressure Relief Valve Now Available in 200 PSI

Model 7000L Lockable Pressure Relief Valve
AGF’s new Model 7000L lockable pressure relief valve is now available in 200 PSI as well as the original 175, 225, and 300 PSI. Temporarily lock the 200 PSI pressure relief valve closed to allow for hydrostatic testing without removing the valve from the system. This saves significant installation time by eliminating the need for a return trip to install the relief valve after hydrostatic testing. Order Model 7000L standalone or on your favorite TESTanDRAIN, RiserPACK, or pressure relief kit. For a limited time, AGF is upgrading all riser orders with pressure relief to the Model 7000L for free!
Model 7000L has a ½” MIPT inlet and FIPT outlet, a bronze body, and a stainless-steel spring. It includes a metal “hydro” tab that can be temporarily locked with a standard flow switch hex wrench for hydrostatic testing. When testing is complete, remove the hex wrench to allow for standard operation.
The Model 7200L has a ¾” MIPT inlet and FIPT outlet and is available in 175 PSI.
Questions? Contact a member of our technical staff or find a distributor that serves your area today.

Free Pressure Relief Valve Upgrades

sprinkler riserAGF is giving a free upgrade to our sprinkler risers! For a limited time, all risers ordered with a pressure relief valve will be upgraded to our new 7000L PRV.

The new pressure relief valves were specifically designed for the sprinkler industry and come installed on the riser. They can be locked closed and left in place during hydrostatic testing. Installing contractors will discover that this feature will save significant time and water during installation. AGF is excited to share this benefit with our customers to help you gain efficiencies in the field. Contact an AGF Distributor to place an order for a RiserPACK and take advantage of this promotion.

AGF Introduces Lockable Pressure Relief Valves to Expedite Hydrostatic Testing

MALVERN, PA —AGF Manufacturing is excited to introduce two new lockable pressure relief valves, Model 7000L and Model 7200L specifically designed for the fire sprinkler industry. These models can be temporarily locked closed to allow for hydrostatic testing without removing the pressure relief valve from the system, saving significant time during installation. They can be ordered standalone or as part of AGF’s products that include pressure relief.

The new pressure relief valves include two metal tabs: “flush” and “hydro.” The “flush” tab can be lifted to quickly flush debris from the valve. The “hydro” tab can use the same hex wrench to temporarily lock the valve closed for hydrostatic testing with the valve installed in the system. This feature will allow a sprinkler system or a TESTanDRAIN valve with relief valve and drain trim to be completely installed prior to initial system leak testing, greatly speeding up installation.

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